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Ceramic wall tiles are extremely versatile. They give a classy look to any room in your home. We supply a wide range of natural hues and bright shades that enhance the look of outdoors and indoors. The wall tiles are durable, moisture and fire-resistant, and easy to clean. It is an ideal choice for your kitchen, bathroom, lobby or fireplace.


200 X 300mm, 250 X 375mm, 300 X 450mm, 300 X 600mm

Available Colors in Ceramic Wall Tiles



HD Digital

Italian Marbles

Plain Color

Ceramic Wall Tiles – Size list

S. No Ceramic Wall Tiles - Size List
1. 200mm x 200mm
2. 200mm x 300mm
3. 300mm x 300mm
4. 300mm x 600mm
5. 300mm x 450mm
6. 600mm x 600mm
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