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We supply a wide range of sanitary ware products. Such products are typically used in a bathroom or toilet. Our sanitary ware products include faucets, basins, jet sprays, washbasin, countertop basin, tabletop basin, one-piece EWC, and two-piece EWC. Our sanitary ware is made from ceramic clay and stainless steel. They are stain-resistant and long-lasting.


Wash Basin

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Madalena brand

Sanitaryware Product List

S. No Our Sanitaryware Product List
1. One Piece Collection
2. Two Piece Collection
3. Wall Hung
4. Jet Spray Hole
5. Floor Mount Water Closets
6. Wash Basin with Pedestal Wash Basin
7. Table Top
8. Squatting Pan
9. Urinals
10. Designer Wash Basin Pedestal
11. Designer Table Top
12. Kitchen Sink
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